Square and Round Dancing Ham Radio Operators of the World


I don't think this has been done before, so here it is. If you are an Amateur Operator(Ham) AND also square dance, round dance, call, cue or prompt, this list was created for you. I am not sure how much value it will serve, but I have always been curious who we are. Maybe with this basic data, we can do something with it.

Do you know want to be added to this list?  Add it here by emailing me.

Call Letters
Beck, Don Chilmark, MA W1MIW Caller   Email
Branchard, Bob CANADA VE3ZBR Dancer   Email
Branchard, Carolyn CANADA VE3ZCB Dancer   Email
Gary Coon   K7HYB/AE Dancer https://callersservicesupply.weebly.com/ Email
Delgado, Rich   Formally WB2DAP     Email
Holmes, Doug Queensville, ON CANADA VE3VS Caller   Email
Holmes, Heather Queensville, ON CANADA VE3HQH   Email
Jones, Fred Vidor, TX KF5FNO Caller
Freeman, Bill Goffstown, NH KE1G Caller, Round dancer   Email
Gipson, Dave CA KC9EI Retired Caller www.DaveGipson.com Email
Gormley, Mike Sebring, FL WA8VEC Caller, Cuer
www.Mike-Gormley.com Email
Marshall, John Peoria, AZ WA7BSR Caller   Email
Nelson, Connie Anderson, CA KI6UZS     Email
Nelson, Ron Anderson, CA K6JIM Caller, Prompter   Email
Olivieri, Janet Northglen, CO KB0HVE     Email
Olivieri, Mike Northglen, CO WA0POI Caller   Email
Portz, Juanita Sierra Vista, AR KK7WA Caller   Email
Reinheardt, Tom OH (SW) WA2JTZ Caller   Email
Roe, Bruce   K9MQG Caller   Email
Straughn, Helen E. Ormond Beach, FL WC4FSU Dancer    
Tompkins, Ray Avon, NY KB2ZCR Caller   Email

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