Mike Gormley Square Dance Caller / Round Dance Cuer Resume

Mike Gormley began square dancing in  1980 learning Plus level squares and Phase III rounds. In April 2011, he started dancing Advanced level squares and is now dancing limited Challenge 1 since 2016.

He got a jump start, from 1982 to 1994, calling singing calls only at "Amateur Caller Nights", guest tips at dances and camping square dance weekends.

Eventually in 1994, the Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Association in Ohio (TAWDLA), sponsored a volunteer mentorship program.  Out of 3 interested callers, Mike was the only one to finish the program.  His primary mentors were Phyllis Gilson of Adrian, Michigan  and Randy Stephenson from Walbridge, Ohio. He will be celebrating 29 years of calling in 2023.

Mike is a graduate of the week long Ed Foote Caller School (Pennsylvania) in 1995 and the Midwest Callers School (Indiana) in 1999; Grand Square International Callers School 2017-19-21-22; and the Rocky Mountain Round Dance Teachers College (Florida) in 2013.  Mike also has attended caller training seminars at national and state conventions; the Michigan Square Dance Callers Association Fall Workshops (1995 and 1996); Rural Callers Association (Florida) in 2001; the Don Hanhurst DBD seminar in 2003; Ken Ritucci Caller Clinic (Florida) in 2011; Ross Howell Caller Clinic (Florida) in 2015; Tim Shoal Caller Clinic (Florida) in 2019; Keith Stevens Caller Clinic (Florida) in 2020, Suncoast Callers and Cuers Round Dance Cuer Clinic 2017; Oxentine/Pladdys Caller Clinic 2022, two Ed Foote Caller Workshops 2012; Callerlab Conventions 2011-12-13-19; Florida Callers Association Fall Caller Training Clinic 2013-14-15-16-17-19-22; and Comedy Workshop at the Marathon Community Theater in 2008.

Since the Summer of 2020 through the present Mike has participated a minimum of 3 hours per week of Online Zoom Caller Training Sessions conducted by multiple National and International Callers.

Mike began calling full dances in 1995.  He has called at seven U.S. Nationals, one Canadian National Convention, nine Ohio Dance Conventions, one Michigan Square Dance Convention, three Florida Square Dance Conventions, two West Virginia Square Dance Convention, one Georgia State Square Dance Convention, local festivals, special dances and  is often asked to call a guest tip while dancing with various clubs. His experiences include working with the dynamics of live bands, including the Ghost Riders Square Dance Band.

Although Mr. Gormley calls thru Plus level and limited Advanced, he believes Social Square Dancing and Mainstream are the solution to square dancing's long term needs.  One Night Stands or party dances are also part of his qualifications and experiences.

Mike also  offers Phase II rounds, line dances, contras and mixers in his program.  He has been know to throw in a yodel or two in his calling. In 2012, he began cueing Phase II Rounds, two step and waltz, for area clubs. .

In 1995, he joined the American Callers Association and in 2004 he changed his membership  to CALLERLAB as a Full Member.  He is currently serving on the following committees: Mainstream, Plus, Community Dance, Caller Training, Social Square Dancing and Calling in Schools.  Mike is ASCAP and BMI licensed.   Mike is a member of the Central Florida Callers Association (2000),  the South East Florida Callers and Cuers Association (2004), the Suncoast Callers and Cuers Association (2010) and the Florida Caller Association White Badge (2013), Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Association (1998 - 2004, 2022 to present). He served or is serving the Suncoast Callers and Cuers Association as Vice President for the 2011/2012, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 seasons, 2 year term as President for the 2012/2014 season, and currently is the Treasurer 2019-2023. He is currently serving as Treasurer of the Florida Callers Association (2022 - 2024).

Mr. Gormley teaches Plus and  Mainstream level square dance classes.  He has either assisted in or has taught in at least 27 square dance classes and 3 round dance classes.  His method is to teach by the definition of the call and takes as much time as necessary for a full understanding of those calls.

In April of 1998, Mike started an email list for Toledo, Ohio area square and round dancers.  It evolved into what now is know as "SquareDanceToledo"  on the Yahoo Groups server with approximately 80 members. He also runs and maintains 5 different web sites associated with square dancing.

October 2001, Mike  started a new caller run Mainstream club in Central Florida known as the "4-Corner Squares".  The club  was  passed on to Ted Hughes beginning in the Fall of 2004.

Also in April of 2004, Mike began the club calling duties of Plus on Tuesdays and Mainstream on Thursdays  for the Long Key Squares in the Florida Keys.  He also started the  "Long_Key_Squares" mailing list on Yahoo Groups. Mike retired as their club caller after the 2010/2011 season, having moved to Central Florida.

In February of 2006, the "Key West Community Dancers" was formed. Mike was asked to be the caller. With this dance group, new dancers are welcome every dance day. The group disbanded after about 1 1/2 years of existence.

Mike has been the club caller/cuer for the Crystal Lake Squares in Wauchula, FL since the 2013/2014 season.

He also started a new caller run club called the Tropical Twirlers on Nov. 3, 2018 in Sebring, FL. Mike calls to the floor as to the skill level of the dancers.

In December of 2002, Mike was asked to assist in making a television commercial for kids ages 9 to 13 years old.  It was a joint venture between "The Center for Disease Control and VERBNOW.COM".   The commercial emphasized the verb "swing" and the square dance call "swing" is to be included in the commercial along with other forms of "swing" found on a tennis court, baseball field, and on children's  playgrounds.   The commercial aired during the 2003 calendar year on the ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, FOX,  and  Warner Brothers television networks.

From 1999, Mike and his wife sold their home and began a new life style called "Full Time RV'ing".   For 12 years they traveled the country in their RV while working short term jobs and enjoying life.  In April 2011, he and his wife, Colleen, moved into a mobile home in Sebring, FL. They will continue their RV'ing in the Summer months and seek nation wide bookings.

Give him a call.  (No pun intended!)



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