Metamora - Fulton High School Class of 1967

Fulton County, Ohio





Missing Classmates

Coburn, Patricia
McMillin, Joyce
Miller, Floyd

Found Classmates

Anderson, Walter
Avina, Suzanne
Baker, Carol
Baldwin, Bill
Barba, Alan
Barnes, Paul
Brown, Ken
Buckenmeyer, Diane
Carpenter, Bernard
Coburn, Karen
Dierkens, Thomas
Ditch, Donald
Donahue, Brian
Doyle, Gloria
Eckley, Gene
Eisel, Alice
Eisel, Mary
Fillinger, Susan
Floro, Linda
Geer, Pam
Gormley, Michael
Hassen, Diane
Hassen, Donald
Hill, Bonnie
Kasper, Lois
Keller, Kathy
Langenderfer, Ann
Lehman, Barb
Martinez, Gilbert
Monroe, Marilyn
Murd, Donald
Nye, Linda
Patek, Frank
Pattison, Brenda
Patyi, Karen
Pierce, Linda
Pinkelman, John
Pinkelman, Joyce
Pinkelman, Marianne
Sanderson, Diane
Shaffer, Jill
Snyder, Richard
Teeple, Judy
Thomas, Vallorie
Tredway, Duane
Tripp, Robert
Walbolt, Susan
Werner, Brenda
Whitson, Karon
Woodward, Cheryl


Becker, Howard
Bond, Christine

Case, Rosemary
Castle, Cathy
Geer, Christine
Gillen, Kathleen
Hoffman, Harold
Hughes, Jeff
Jaska, John
McCartney, Joanne
Miller, Sandy
Richter, Gayle
Sanderson, Linda
Snyder, Ray
Sylvester, Jerry
Truckor, Lynn


Marianne (Pinkleman) Gleckler




Marianne (Pinkleman) Gleckler



  F.H.A. 3-4, G.A.A. 3-4, Newspaper Staff 4, Spartans 3, Seers 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Librarian 3-4, Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Bowling 4, Junior Ensemble 3  


  Metamora, OH  



Married (John)


2011 data

  Sons, Matthew, 38; Kyle, 34; Travis, 31

2011 data

  Hannah, Ayden, Violet, Kayla, Lydia and Addison


Marianne (Pinkleman) Gleckler


Marianne's Photo Shows


Customer service, material management, Evergreen Board of Education, family business, author


Golf, travel,


A few years ago I took a writing class and have since been published. I wrote a story about my husbands sports car and was published in the Avanti Owners Magazine. Also as a group our class published a book of poems. Both of my publications are at the Evergreen Community Library. My oldest son Matt built a six screen theater in Wauseon, OH so we go to the movies more often than we used to. I worked for several years in customer service and material management at the small factory around the corner from my house and since 2001 I have been working for the family business, Gleckler Bros Inc, with my husband. This is wonderful because it gives me time to golf, travel and spend lots of time with my grandchildren. My youngest son is a traveling nurse and has worked in Chicago, Phoenix, LA, Seattle, Hawaii, Boston, Ohio and Michigan and I visit his everywhere he goes. A few years ago when I was serving on the Evergreen Board of Ed, I ran into Mr. Lee Lichtle, who is now a Superintendent. We reminisced about Mr. Lynott, one of my favorite teachers.

Memories: I remember when we were seniors and decided at lunch ( we had walked up town to get our $100,000 candy bars at the “Five and Dime” and decided to skip after lunch to go shopping for Jill’s wedding dress. We needed to get my car off the school lot, so I forged a letter and Mr. Mowery excused me. I picked up the girls in town and off we went. The next day everyone got in trouble for skipping except me. What good friends, none tattled.
Walking up town was always fun. If we wanted a smoke we walked through the alley, but had to be careful in front of Kathie Gillen’s house. We often sat on the cooler at Paddle’s market and ate. I think Paddle’s closed down shortly after the school quit letting the kids walk of town.
Remember when gas was $.25 a gallon and we would pool our money and put $.50 worth in at the Hy-Flash and “Swoop” around all night. Also after basketball games we would go to Toledo and split our time between the White Hut on Secor and the McDonald’s down the road. Back then I think the sign read over 1,000,000 burgers sold. Now it’s close to 10 billion.

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