Metamora - Fulton High School Class of 1967

Fulton County, Ohio


Fulton Building

Metamora Building



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Fulton 1st Gr.
Fulton 2nd Gr.
Fulton 3rd Gr.
Fulton 4th Gr.
Fulton 5th Gr.
Fulton 6th Gr.
Fulton 7th Gr.
Fulton 8th Gr.
Fulton 9th Gr.
Fulton 10th Gr.
Fulton 11th Gr.

Metamora 1st Gr.
Metamora 2nd Gr.
Metamora 3rd Gr.
Metamora 4th Gr.
Metamora 5th Gr.
Metamora 6th Gr.
Metamora 7th Gr.
Immaculate Conception 8th Gr.
St. Elizabeth 8th Gr.
Metamora 8th Gr.
Metamora 9th Gr.
Metamora 10th Gr.
Metamora 11th Gr.


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Class Photo Album and 40th Reunion Pictures by Marianne (Pinkelman) Gleckler



Top row, left to right:
Jill Shaffer, John Jaska, Cheryl Woodward, Don Ditch, Karen Coburn, Michael Gormley, Mrs. Rush

2nd row:
Howard Becker, Linda Floro, Paul Barnes, Unknown, Unknown, Diane Hassen, Donald Hassen

3rd row:
Patricia Coburn, Gloria Doyle

4th row:
William Baldwin, Mary Ann Huston, Lynn Truckor, Joanne McCartney, Duane Tredway, Bonnie Hill, Floyd Miller

5th row:
Pam Geer, Brenda Pattison, Christine Bond, Brenda Werner, Judy Teeple, Susan Fillinger, Linda Sanderson

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