Metamora - Fulton High School Class of 1967

Fulton County, Ohio





Missing Classmates

Coburn, Patricia
McMillin, Joyce
Miller, Floyd

Found Classmates

Anderson, Walter
Avina, Suzanne
Baker, Carol
Baldwin, Bill
Barba, Alan
Barnes, Paul
Brown, Ken
Buckenmeyer, Diane
Carpenter, Bernard
Coburn, Karen
Dierkens, Thomas
Ditch, Donald
Donahue, Brian
Doyle, Gloria
Eckley, Gene
Eisel, Alice
Eisel, Mary
Fillinger, Susan
Floro, Linda
Geer, Pam
Gormley, Michael
Hassen, Diane
Hassen, Donald
Hill, Bonnie
Kasper, Lois
Keller, Kathy
Langenderfer, Ann
Lehman, Barb
Martinez, Gilbert
Monroe, Marilyn
Murd, Donald
Nye, Linda
Patek, Frank
Pattison, Brenda
Patyi, Karen
Pierce, Linda
Pinkelman, John
Pinkelman, Joyce
Pinkelman, Marianne
Sanderson, Diane
Shaffer, Jill
Snyder, Richard
Teeple, Judy
Thomas, Vallorie
Tredway, Duane
Tripp, Robert
Walbolt, Susan
Werner, Brenda
Whitson, Karon
Woodward, Cheryl


Becker, Howard
Bond, Christine

Case, Rosemary
Castle, Cathy
Geer, Christine
Gillen, Kathleen
Hoffman, Harold
Hughes, Jeff
Jaska, John
McCartney, Joanne
Miller, Sandy
Richter, Gayle
Sanderson, Linda
Snyder, Ray
Sylvester, Jerry
Truckor, Lynn





Kathy (Keller) Seigneur



  F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, G.A.A. 2-3, Class Officer 1-3, Yearbook Staff 1-4, Librarian 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Majorette 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 1-2-3, Class Play 3  


  Swanton, OH  



Married (Larry)


2007 data

  Gregory 35; Angela 33  

2007 data

  Kayla Seigneur 11; Shelby Seigneur 9  


Kathy (Keller) Seigneur




Office manager, accounting, estimator, Notary Public




I worked as the office manager for Art & Sign, Inc for fifteen years and Michael Development, Ltd. for the last two years for the same boss who owns several companies. I have taken on estimating jobs along with my other duties in accounting and whatever else needs to be done in the office. My husband, Larry retired from the Air National Guard after 25 years of service a few years back and also retired from Ruldolph/Libbe Inc two years ago where he worked as a carpenter. Together we have raised two wonderful children. Greg is the father of our two “very special” granddaughters Kayla and Shelby, and he works for Chrysler Transport. We are very involved in our granddaughters’ lives. They keep us very busy and help remind us of just how old we now are! Our daughter, Angela and her husband Matt Rogaliner live in the Columbus area. They both graduated from Ohio State University, and Matt got his masters degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Angie works for The Limited corporate headquarters in New Albany and Matt now works for Abercrombie & Fitch at their corporate headquarters in Columbus. They are expecting a baby in November, and we are very excited! I have been an avid genealogist for the last ten years, searching for ancestors that don’t want to be found, or have secretive pasts! My application for “First Families” of Fulton County, Ohio was accepted a year ago proving that some of my father’s ancestors lived there before 1860, and I am now working on my “First Families” of Lucas County, Ohio for more of my ancestors on my mother’s side. I believe that I share this hobby with several other members of our graduating class.

Memories: On our class trip I recall a bunch of us skipping out on a musical and buying booze to take back to our hotel room. One of our classmates played a trick on us by calling the room and pretending to be the hotel security! Also, the tour bus toilet was smelling pretty rank, and we protested by saying that we wouldn’t get back on the bus until the bus driver took care of it!

Does anyone from Fulton remember when we were in grade school playing on those monkey bars on the playground? It would be the boys against the girls, and we’d capture somebody from the opposite team and put them inside the monkey bars and then their “teammates” would try to free them. It was fun until somebody got hurt! Also, does anyone remember the square dance lessons from Mrs. Meyer’s 4th grade class, or the nap-time in first grade. How about Mr. Shaver? Bring back any memories? (the victory sign was one, and that gruff voice!!)

Anyone from band recall the trip to Cedar Point we took our senior year? Our band instructor (can’t remember his name) had us march right through the arcade building, and people got really mad at us – they chased us out. Our instructor was a nut!!


(Webmaster note: Yes, I remember the march through the arcade, now that you mention it. J. C. Phillips was the instructor.)

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