Metamora - Fulton High School Class of 1967

Fulton County, Ohio





Missing Classmates

Coburn, Patricia
McMillin, Joyce
Miller, Floyd

Found Classmates

Anderson, Walter
Avina, Suzanne
Baker, Carol
Baldwin, Bill
Barba, Alan
Barnes, Paul
Brown, Ken
Buckenmeyer, Diane
Carpenter, Bernard
Coburn, Karen
Dierkens, Thomas
Ditch, Donald
Donahue, Brian
Doyle, Gloria
Eckley, Gene
Eisel, Alice
Eisel, Mary
Fillinger, Susan
Floro, Linda
Geer, Pam
Gormley, Michael
Hassen, Diane
Hassen, Donald
Hill, Bonnie
Kasper, Lois
Keller, Kathy
Langenderfer, Ann
Lehman, Barb
Martinez, Gilbert
Monroe, Marilyn
Murd, Donald
Nye, Linda
Patek, Frank
Pattison, Brenda
Patyi, Karen
Pierce, Linda
Pinkelman, John
Pinkelman, Joyce
Pinkelman, Marianne
Sanderson, Diane
Shaffer, Jill
Snyder, Richard
Teeple, Judy
Thomas, Vallorie
Tredway, Duane
Tripp, Robert
Walbolt, Susan
Werner, Brenda
Whitson, Karon
Woodward, Cheryl


Becker, Howard
Bond, Christine

Case, Rosemary
Castle, Cathy
Geer, Christine
Gillen, Kathleen
Hoffman, Harold
Hughes, Jeff
Jaska, John
McCartney, Joanne
Miller, Sandy
Richter, Gayle
Sanderson, Linda
Snyder, Ray
Sylvester, Jerry
Truckor, Lynn


Mike and Colleen Gormley

Mike and Colleen



Michael Gormley



  Class Officer 1-2, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 1, Class Play 3-4, Ham Radio Club 1-2-3-4  


  Sebring, FL  



Married (Colleen)



  Mike’s daughters :
Jeanette McIntosh dob: 1973,
Erin Sheller dob: 1979
Steve Gormley dob: 1977,

Colleen’s daughter:
Tracy Wiley dob: 1967,
Jason Johnson dob: 1973



2015 data


12 Grandchildren between the two of us, would you believe: 11 boys and 1 girl

In 2015, we became Great Grand Parents to a girl



Michael Gormley



Electrical Designer, Electrician, Recruiter, Entrepreneur, pizza delivery, maintenance, Carpentry, Full Time RV'ing, Retired 2011


Square Dance Calling, Western Round Dance Cueing, Square and Round Dancing, genealogy, coin collecting, SCUBA diving, ham radio, hiking, star gazing, traveling and of course RV'ing


Written: June 2007

I am pretty proud of the fact I ran a business for 21 years. All of it was started on a shoestring, which beat the odds of survival for the self employed. It was known as Delta Design Drafting, Inc. It started out as an electrical wiring business, after 1 year evolved into a drafting service, and finally after about 3 years, it became a temporary help service for technical people.

We closed the business and sold our home in the Delta area and went “Full Time RV’ing” in October 1999. No, we are not retired, but just a change in life style. We still need to work full time. I combine my square dance calling income with working part time for Papa Johns. Working pizza may not sound like a glamorous career, but I can walk away at the end of the day and forget about my job. And it fits our traveling life style, because I can always get a job in the area we are in, even if it is part time.

Square Dance calling occupies most of my other time. This is something I really enjoy. I get to sing my lungs off …. and a little bit of yodeling, too. Square dancing is a real rewarding activity. You should try it, if you ever get the opportunity.

I am certified as an “Open Water SCUBA diver”, but have not gone on nearly enough dives as I would like to.

My ham radio, activities consist of emergency preparedness, Skywarn Spotter and contesting.

Genealogy is a secondary interest. It does take a lot of time and money to do it right. It certainly is exciting to discover things about your ancestors’ past. My wife, Colleen, is more involved in this than I am.

We went on our first ocean cruise 2006, I never realized what a bargain cruises are for a vacation. Give one a try if you haven’t yet.

In 2015, I got interested in long distance hiking and attempted a hike of the Appalachian Trail, but only have completed 137 miles of the trail. Back problems have limited me.

MEMORIES: There is the story about Mrs. Barnaby, 5th Grade, who liked to use her ping pong paddle to apply a whack or two to naughty boy’s bottoms. I think I was one of the last in the class to get paddled. I even thought I might make it thru the year with out, it ever happing. No chance! Remember how we would carry another classmate on our backs during recess? The object was to knock the others “off their horse”. I jumped on Paul Barnes’s back, but he wasn’t expecting it and thought I was picking a fight. So, when recess was over, I got paddled in front of the class. If I remember correctly, it was actually on my birthday, April 22nd.

Then there was the time when Mrs. Barnaby had 10 or so boys lined up in front of the class to make an example of them. There was one boy, I won’t mention his name, who was getting sick while standing there. Mrs. Barnaby would not let him go to the bathroom as requested. It wasn’t long, and he vomited on the floor right in front of her. Very funny!

I wasn’t there to see it, but I heard that Mrs. Austin, 7th grade teacher, who was a VERY HEAVY PERSON, broke her teacher’s chair when she sat in it. That was a good laugh just thinking about it.

I will always remember the entire 8th grade class singing together once a week or so with Mrs. Rush on the piano.

Then in high school, there was the male teacher who, as a study hall monitor, spent most of his time in a back seat reading the dictionary “page to page”. I think I remember who it was, but don’t want to name any names without being sure.

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