Metamora - Fulton High School Class of 1967

Fulton County, Ohio





Missing Classmates

Coburn, Patricia
McMillin, Joyce
Miller, Floyd

Found Classmates

Anderson, Walter
Avina, Suzanne
Baker, Carol
Baldwin, Bill
Barba, Alan
Barnes, Paul
Brown, Ken
Buckenmeyer, Diane
Carpenter, Bernard
Coburn, Karen
Dierkens, Thomas
Ditch, Donald
Donahue, Brian
Doyle, Gloria
Eckley, Gene
Eisel, Alice
Eisel, Mary
Fillinger, Susan
Floro, Linda
Geer, Pam
Gormley, Michael
Hassen, Diane
Hassen, Donald
Hill, Bonnie
Kasper, Lois
Keller, Kathy
Langenderfer, Ann
Lehman, Barb
Martinez, Gilbert
Monroe, Marilyn
Murd, Donald
Nye, Linda
Patek, Frank
Pattison, Brenda
Patyi, Karen
Pierce, Linda
Pinkelman, John
Pinkelman, Joyce
Pinkelman, Marianne
Sanderson, Diane
Shaffer, Jill
Snyder, Richard
Teeple, Judy
Thomas, Vallorie
Tredway, Duane
Tripp, Robert
Walbolt, Susan
Werner, Brenda
Whitson, Karon
Woodward, Cheryl


Becker, Howard
Bond, Christine

Case, Rosemary
Castle, Cathy
Geer, Christine
Gillen, Kathleen
Hoffman, Harold
Hughes, Jeff
Jaska, John
McCartney, Joanne
Miller, Sandy
Richter, Gayle
Sanderson, Linda
Snyder, Ray
Sylvester, Jerry
Truckor, Lynn





Brian Donahue



  Student Council 4, Class Officer 3, Newspaper Staff 2, Chorus 2, Basketball 2, Class Play 2  


  Whitehouse, OH  



Married (Joyce)


2007 data

  Son: Christopher Donahue age 36
Daughter : Andrea Donahue age 30

2007 data

  Grandson: Brendon Donahue age 9  


(See Joyce Pinkelman page)




Sales, Retired


Wood working, boating, golf


If you’ve read Joyce’s bio, you know some of mine. We’ve been married almost 37 years and raised two children; Chris age 36 and Andrea age 30. We also have one Grandson, Brendon, who is 9 years old.

After High School I attended Ohio State University. I got my degree, Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Social Sciences. Most people who knew me in High School would figure that was a major that was about perfect for me. College was a great experience for me, I joined a Fraternity, went to great football games, drank too much, got some exposure to lots of different culture and people, and learned a few things from books. There were lots of extra curricular events, but I was usually working to pay my way through. One of my goals was always to go back with lots of money, take classes that I never went to, attend lots of parties, have a really cool car, nice apartment, and just live the experience to the fullest. Fortunately, I matured before I was able to live my dream.

When I look back on our times from High School to our adult lives I can’t help but remember some of the really significant events of the time, Viet Nam, race riots, LSD, marijuana, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Woodstock, the Kent State riots I guess Viet Nam affects me the most. That event affected the lives of so many men and women of our generation. When we got out of High School, it was either go on to school, or Viet Nam, there was no wiggle room or time to “find yourself” after high school. I think our class only lost one member to that war, and it amazes me that I was never involved. It was always my goal to get a college education. That one goal and fate helped me move right past what was probably one of the biggest risks of our young lives.

After graduation from college, I worked in Pharmaceutical sales. I was fortunate to make a 33 year career with two companies. I retired in 2006, partly because I was ready to and partly because of a disability with my back. I did OK in business, I won my share of awards, got a few promotions and made some big deals, but no one could accuse me of being a workaholic.

My hobbies included wood working, boating, golf, and any other reason to take off Wednesday afternoon. I’m actually pretty good with making things from wood. I restored an old Lyman boat one year. We used it for several harrowing trips on Lake Erie until I got smart and we bought a “plastic” boat. The old Lyman always turned heads at the dock though. I make mostly art work now from wood. I do high end jewelry boxes and lathe turned vases and bowls, and I sell them in galleries and art shows. With Joyce’s help, I actually got photographs of two of my pieces published in two separate books. I guess all that work I had to do on that old house in Berkey paid off some.

There are a couple things that were my favorites in high school, the social events, the great looking girls (especially the one I married), my friends, and the cars! God how I loved the cars of our time! I never had one of the really cool ones, but one of these days, I’m going to break into our 401 K fund and re live that dream.

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